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A Guide to Russian Orthodox Icons

A lot of thought goes into the process of launching a new church or refreshing a church's look.  Finding church supplies can be a hectic task, but once you find the right places to shop everything becomes easy.  The most important points to consider when looking for church supplies are a fair price for products and services and saving time when searching for the right supplier.  Similarly, various rituals and practices of a religion dictate what is necessary for them.


Among the materials that a church needs are furniture and items used during worship.  Among the furniture a church will need, the common ones are; aumbries and oil cabinets, altars, baptismal fonts, communion rails, chairs, hymn boards, pews, lecterns and pulpits, prie dieux (kneelers) and tables.  These items are available in many shops and on the internet.


Many churches find the need to have liturgical books.  They include; books of blessings, books of the gospel, books of rites, lectionaries, prayer books, record books, catechisms, liturgy of the hour, sacramentaries and other sacramental russian orthodox icons supplies.  Not all liturgical books are found at a Christian bookshop.


More Church provisions include communion bread, communion ware, clergy apparel, choir and pulpit robes, incense burner and boat, cremation urns, flags, urns, tanks, sprinklers, flagons, cruets and holy water items.  The distribution of church provisions can be done through some agencies that have specialized in making church orthodox church supplies.


Orthodox icons are found in Orthodox churches.  Paintings, frescoes and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy mother, saints, and angels are icons of the Orthodox church.  They represent sacred individuals from the past and their journey and date as back as the Byzantine Empire.  The paintings were made by theologians and artists of the ancient times.  They have gold backgrounds and prominent colors to preserve them for extended periods of time.  Their unique feature is that they seem to be floating.  There is nothing about an Orthodox icon that is not symbolic or of importance.  People think of them as avenues to heaven, and they pray to them to create that connection. Know more about church at


Orthodox icons are utilized in the interior design of the Orthodox church.  Replicas of the icons are seen on display as they are meant to be a spiritual window for Christians.  Today's icons are cast in metal, carved in stone or wood, painted or printed on paper, embroidered by hand on machine on cloth or presented in mosaic.  In Russian Orthodox churches they are painted on wood or table tops.


Church administrators are in charge of purchasing provisions.  They have a checklist they use when placing orders to different suppliers.  Church essentials are used either daily, weekly or monthly.  Special service items are usually ordered way in advance to ensure a smooth operation of the service.